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Community Service with RTF Elite

On the last Saturday of each month, RTF will engage its Elite Sports participants in providing services and activities for the seniors of the community. We will offer a helping hand in their everyday lives as needed, and also provide other fun activities that will bring some entertainment. Our program is designed to uplift their spirits, engage them in fun social activities, and promote healthy eating habits.

      Most Common Problems Senior Citizens Face:

  • Deteriorating health
  • Malnutrition
  • Lack of Shelter
  • Fear/Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Senility
  • Isolation Due to Lack of Visitation and Mobility
  • Boredom Due to Lack of Visitation and Mobility
  • Non-productivity and
  • Financial Incapacity (often are victims of fraud and scams)


Potential Future Programs


  • After school\Tutoring – providing tutoring in subject areas of need to students. Computers, books, printers and other important material will be accessible for students use. RTF After school\Tutoring program will focus on math, reading and science.
  • Lil’ Ladies & Gents –This initiative is focused on age range of 5 to 9yrs olds, teaching them the properways of lady and gentleman. Covering all areas including: table manners, opening doors, and other activities that will teach self confidence and promote positive attitudes.
  • Fresh Start – Giving young men and women who’ve been previously incarcerated a second chance or a fresh start at life, providing some guidance towards positive activity, such as counseling, job assistance, and life coaching.
  • Job Placement – Partnering with local businesses, this program would target young adults (late teens to mid-twenties). Assisting them in job placements and finding career opportunities.
  • College Assistance – Designed for students starting in the 9th grade and assisting/preparing them to enroll in universities, such as filling out college applications, applying for scholarships/grants, etc.
  • Youth Leaders Academy – This mentorship program will enable ourDMV youths to become positive leadersin the community. This internship could possibly lead to scholarships and employment by the RTF.
  • Community Leadership Meeting – Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner ~ Having discussion with the community and becoming more aware of different issues


Together we can make a difference… Join the RTF team!!!


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